South-Eastern Road Club 

  Founded 1924 



The South Eastern Road Club and the Eagle Road Club  share a long standing friendship spanning many decades. Below is a brief history from the club's archives.

1926 saw the beginning of the long, friendly association and rivalry with the South Eastern, with the first Inter-club 50 mile team event on the famed 32nd Quendon course, which resulted in a win for the locals; indeed, sad to say, the South Eastern did not record a win in this period.


In spite of faster times by SERC riders, the club was still unable to get a win over the Eagle R.C. in the Inter-club 50 - in fact they were not to succeed until after the war.


This was an eventful 10 years as well as being probably the clubs most prolific and successful period ....with open event successes and last but my no means least, clipping the wings of the Eagles. The first of the post war Inter-club 50s with the Eagle R.C. was in 1946, still without a win for the SERC. Then secretary W.F. Slimmon, writing in the handbook report must have had his tongue in cheek and fingers crossed when contemplating the 1948 event. He wrote "All we need is four riders inside club record". This when the formidable Eagle combination of H.T. Edwards and A. Ayton were coming into their own. But everything comes to he who waits and in 1952 the Eagles suffered their first defeat by the SERC team of M.G. Vickers, D.C. Ward, R. H. Gravenor and A.V. Stone." (Don Ward is still riding with the SERC as of 2009).


The inter-club 50 tally in this period was 8-2 in favour of the SERC.



The inter-club 50 with the Eagle RC in this period were rather one sided, with the Eagles having difficulties in fielding a finishing team.

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